The Yes for Mpls Kids campaign exists to pass the two MPS school funding ballot questions and provide needed funding for our students and schools. Join us.

Why is it needed?
This school year Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is underfunded from state and federal sources for critical Special Education and English Learner Services by just over $60 million. Like districts across the state, MPS must ask voters to help makeup the difference.

The questions
The November 6, 2018 general election ballot will have two school funding questions that would provide $30 million annually to MPS. This funding is essential to create a strong financial foundation for MPS and will be used to improve student achievement and well-being through equitable investments in literacy, social emotional learning, and support services.

How much does it increase property taxes?
If both questions are successful, the estimated median Minneapolis home value of $250,000 would see an increase of about $11 monthly. Visit to use a property tax calculator to see the impact on your property value.

How do I vote?
The MPS Strong Referendum questions are on the same ballot as other offices up for election this November. Visit for information on early voting, polling places, and voter registration. 

Why does a campaign exist?
By law, MPS is only able to provide neutral information about the referendum. Across the state citizen-led campaigns ensure referendums are successful.