By voting yes twice, you can increase the focus on literacy, social emotional learning, and support services so every student in Minneapolis has what they need to succeed.

Together, we can work to close opportunity gaps and create a school system that will make Minneapolis a leader in education!

Vote YES on both MPS ballot questions this election!

Why is it needed?
The state general education formula lags behind the current rate of inflation. If it had kept up with inflation costs, MPS would have received about $22 million more in general education state funding last school year. We need to do better than just the status quo.

What’s more, our students increasingly have a variety of needs. Yet for the 2016-17 school year, MPS received about $60 million less in state and federal funding for critical Special Education and English Learner services provided.

The questions
The November 6, 2018 general election ballot will have two school funding questions that would provide $30 million annually to MPS. The first question would increase the operating referendum, which provides general operating funding. The second question would create a new 'tech levy' to fund existing technology expenses, allowing those funds to otherwise be used in schools.

How much does it increase property taxes?
If both questions are successful, the estimated median Minneapolis home value of $249,000 would see an increase of about $11 monthly. Visit to use a property tax calculator to see the impact on your property value.

Property Tax Refund programs
There are a number of property tax refund programs available in Minnesota. Learn more about eligibility by visiting

How do I vote?
The MPS Strong Referendum questions are on the same ballot as other offices up for election this November. Visit for information on early voting, polling places, and voter registration.

The Yes for Mpls Kids campaign is proudly supported by a growing and broad coalition of parents, elected officials, organizations, and community leaders.

Organizational Endorsements
Minneapolis DFL
Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59
SEIU Minnesota State Council
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
Our Revolution Twin Cities
Minnesota Urban Debate League

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs
Mayor Jacob Frey
State Representative Fue Lee
County Commissioner Marion Greene
City Council President Lisa Bender
City Council Member Alondra Cano
Park Board Superintendent Mary Merrill

Minneapolis City Council
Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins
Council Member Kevin Reich
Council Member Cam Gordon
Council Member Steve Fletcher
Council Member Phillipe Cunningham
Council Member Jeremiah Ellison
Council Member Abdi Warsame
Council Member Jeremy Schroeder
Council Member Andrew Johnson
Council Member Linea Palmisano

State Legislators
Sen. Scott Dibble
Sen. Kari Dziedzic
Sen. Jeff Hayden
Sen. Patricia Torres Ray
Rep. Karen Clark
Rep. Jim Davnie
Rep. Raymond Dehn
Rep. Frank Hornstein
Rep. Diane Loeffler
Rep. Ilhan Omar
Rep. Jean Wagenius

Hennepin County Commissioners
Commissioner Linda Higgins
Commissioner Peter McLaughlin

Minneapolis Park Board
President Brad Bourn
Vice President AK Hassan
Commissioner Jono Cowgill
Commissioner Londel French
Commissioner Chris Meyer
Commissioner Kale Severson

Minneapolis Public Schools Board
Chair Nelson Inz
Vice-Chair Siad Ali
Clerk Kim Ellison
Treasurer Jenny Arneson
Director KerryJo Felder
Director Rebecca Gagnon
Director Ira Jourdain
Director Don Samuels
Director Bob Walser

Community Leaders and Candidates
Heather Rein, Campaign Committee Co-Chair
Tom Hoch, Campaign Committee Co-Chair
Stephanie Gasca, Campaign Committee Co-Chair
Jonathan Weinhagen, Mpls Regional Chamber President & CEO
Aisha Gomez, MN House Candidate
Hodan Hassan, MN House Candidate
Jamie Long, MN House Candidate
Mohamud Noor, MN House Candidate 
Angela Conley, County Commissioner Candidate
Irene Fernando, County Commissioner Candidate
Kimberly Caprini, School Board Candidate
Sharon El-Amin, School Board Candidate
Josh Pauly, School Board Candidate


Looking for a lawn sign? 

Lawn sign are available for pickup at the following locations.

Southside DFL Office
Sunday-Friday; noon-9pm
Saturday; 10am-3pm
4407 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT)
Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm
(call first 612-529-9621)
67 8th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Northside DFL Office
Sunday-Friday; noon-9pm
Saturday; 10am-3pm
1200 N Plymouth, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Southwest Pickup Location
Signs on front porch of home located at:

3833 York Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

If you are unable to pickup a sign, email us at

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Lit Drop Program

Want to help deliver by delivering campaign literature to your neighbors? Sign-up at the link below and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for your support!


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